The Ringworm Story – The Aftermath

The Aftermath

This story began in November 2008 it is now March 2009. As yet neither parties have received a penny from Heavenlyhogs despite her many promises. She has publically stated that only one of her hogs has been examined by her vet for signs of ringworm infection and it was clear. She continues to sell exotic pets.

Chaz gave up asking for a refund as she found the stress of dealing with Heavenlyhogs was affecting her already fragile health. The last email she received from Heavenlyhogs asked her to send her vet’s bill again as she had lost the earlier one. [Author’s note: In reality Chaz had never sent an invoice to Michelle]. Pickle no longer shows any signs of infection although the vet has advised Chaz to continue with the medication for another week or so.

Today Ian and Julie’s bill stands at nearly £350 and Leo is still not completely free of his infection which is proving particularly difficult to eradicate. The vet has changed his medication twice. Julie and Kendal’s infections have cleared up. They are very worried about the affects that Leo’s ordeal are having on him as after 5 months of treatment it is highly likely that he associates Ian and Julie with the trauma of being force fed his medication.

A photograph of a severe ringworm infection

A photograph of a severe ringworm infection

Among the many posts Heavenlyhogs has made on the Reptile UK forums my own research found one where she describes the onset of “something similar to eczema” in one of her hands. She describes having “small itchy then sore blisters” on her fingers. I found the above picture on the internet. Its caption describes the photo as a severe case of ringworm. I’m obviously no dermatologist and while I am not claiming this is what Heavenlyhogs hand looked like, I do believe it looks somewhat similar to the symptoms she herself describes.

Chapter VIII – Author’s Comments

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  1. Have you ever had excema? It exhibits itself as small blisters on your hands, often on your fingers. In fact so does staph. So how on earth can you make any assumptions as to what that picture is from, or what anyone else had? Are you a Doctor? As well as an asshole.

  2. Hi Jen thanks for dropping by. Well a dermatologist is a doctor…. The fact I am not one I fully admitted in my article.

    I didn’t make any assumptions I just put the facts.

    The picture is of someone diagnosed with ringworm, if you want I’ll dig out the site it’s on.

    Your friend stated on the forums that she had small itchy blisters on her hand.

    I wrote I believe it looks similar to the symptoms she describes.

    Everyone can draw their own assumptions you obviously did.

    Out of interest why do you think I’m an asshole?

  3. He hasnt written anything that is insulting and abusive just like you did Jen. I think what he was saying is that its a bit of a coincidance that her hands were unfortunatly in that state and the ring worm infection which is nothing to be ashamed of was occuring. So if hes an asshole you must be a fanny hole.

  4. This is a terrible story, and this is why anyone buying any animals must make sure that they are legit. Obviously this person is only in it for the money and not the care of the animal. Why oh why don’t people go to proper organizations who are controlled and can give out the right information. Most organizations have a list of breeders. This person should be taken to court and made to pay the vets bills and prevented from keeping animals for ever.

  5. Jen, I have eczema and that is not what it looks like, my case is very severe too. This story is very sad and I feel so bad for people who bought the hedgehogs and the hedgehogs themselves.


  7. Jimmy O. | 27/06/2012 at 3:39 am |

    This is truly terrible and she deserves to pay them back and interest for waisting their time and money.

  8. I realise this is an old post but it keeps popping up when I’m doing ringworm searches. I run a wild hedgehog hospital and rescue, We deal with over 700 a year and I’ve had ringworm, I’ve also had what is shown in the photo above and that’s not ringworm. That is a bacterial infection caused by the natural bacteria on the surface of the skin getting under the skin via small puncture wounds caused by hog spines.

    It’s a form of dermatitis and ruddy painful especially when the blisters burst resulting in something similar to second degree burns. If you’re susceptible to this then you need to wear thick gloves when handling. Ideally ask your doctor for some Dermovate cream or similar and the instant you see a blister, apply the cream daily to put a stop to the whole thing before it starts to spread.

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