The Ringworm Story – Chazybabe and Pickle

Chazbabe and Pickle

Chazybabe is an 18 year old girl who has been suffering from Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, for the past 6 years. She lives near Bristol. She reserved Pickle and after he was born Heavenlyhogs sent her photographs as he developed. When he was four weeks old Pickles got some kind of skin disorder and he lost some of his quills. Heavenlyhogs sent her a photograph of this, stating that it was being treated with antibiotics and that she would bring the vet’s documentation of the treatment with her when she delivered Pickle.

Chazybabe says that in her advertisement and subsequent emails, Heavenlyhogs promised she would receive a birth certificate, his registration, free pet insurance for 6 weeks, an igloo house, a guarantee, a fleece and some food, along with the aforementioned vet records regarding his skin ailment. When Heavenlyhogs delivered Pickle to her, what she actually got was a hedgehog covered in faeces with a large scab on his nose, a blanket and a box of cat biscuits. She was told that all the other items were “going through the system”. Heavenlyhogs explained the scab away by saying it was a just a minor scuff caused by the hedgehog rooting under his food dish. Whatever misgivings Chaz may have had about accepting Pickle were put aside by the knowledge that if she refused to take him he faced another stressful 4 hour long train journey back to Essex. She had also received photographs of Pickle as he grew up and had formed a bond with him. In short she already loved him. Heavenlyhogs pocketed the remainder of his £150 price tag and returned to Essex.

The photograph sent to Chaz by Heavenlyhogs showing his skin infection

The photograph sent to Chaz by Heavenlyhogs showing his skin infection

In November Chaz received an email from Heavenlyhogs asking her if she had a rash and Chaz told her that she did. From what I can understand here Heavenlyhogs did not tell Ian and Julie that the owner of Leo’s brother also had a skin infection. Chaz had also told Heavenlyhogs that Pickle was scratching a lot and had flaky skin. Heavenlyhogs said that as neither Leo nor Pickle or her own hogs had any visible signs of ringworm, Pickle was probably quilling and that Chaz should give him an oatmeal bath. At this point I can only assume that with all the knowledge she had gained thus far, Heavenlyhogs is either in complete denial, of low intelligence or is still hoping that she could cover this up somehow. Otherwise I can’t explain why she didn’t tell Chaz that both she and Pickle were most likely suffering from a ringworm infection and to seek medical and veterinary assistance.

In the meantime Ian and Julie had written an angry post on the Reptile UK forum which was quickly locked by a moderator. When Chaz saw this post she wrote to Ian and Julie and told them about her situation. Both Chaz and Pickle were subsequently diagnosed as having contracted ringworm.

Chapter V – The German Connection

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  1. ringworm is A NASTY THING!!

  2. Hello,

    I have been reading up on your new hedgehog and the onslaught of ringworm. I think, I am in a similar situation and similarly, may have come through the breeder.

    I have had my hedgehog about a month and have found out I am allergic! But have also identified ringworm… on me also, my boyfriend and little sister who handled the hog, two weeks ago… alike to your timing!!

    I supposed it was quilling and took Snufkin to the vet for a checkup when I got him… nothing was flagged up though! It was mentioned to the Vet, that his nose had been bumpy on arrival and someone on a forum, had suggested a fungal infection to me… but as I know, the vet did not notify me it was ringworm and gave me some hibiscrub for treatment, quilling. In your opinion did she miss this obviously!?

    The breeder simply made out that they were unawares of the hedgehogs nose and said the vet would tell me…(I do not think the hedgehog contracted the condition during the hours of transport…) but having taken him to the vet.. thought al was fine. I am going again Monday!!

    Any further advice please? I have disinfected and washed everything… poor mite is on quarintine with no snuggles or bedding but a lot of heat! Have given him a hibiscrub bath too and been wearing gloves!

    I have also heard to, freeze any substrate first… is this also the need with paper cat litter pellets?

    Sorry for the long message but your advice is much appreciated!
    Many thanks.

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