The Best Bedding for Pet Hedgehogs

Bedding for pet hedgehogs is one of the first things you need to consider before bringing home your new friend. We all want something soft and comfortable to sleep on, don’t we? Well, your hedgehog is no different. Get the best bedding, and your spikey companion will happy one!

When you are choosing bedding for pet hedgehogs, keep these important things in mind:

1. Comfort
2. Smell
3. Dryness
4. Safety
5. Price

Not every hedgehog is the same, and bedding that one hedgehog loves might not please another. It’s kind of like how you may prefer a really soft pillow, while your best friend likes a pillow with more firmness to it. You may have to experiment with a few different types of bedding if your pet doesn’t seem to like the first thing you try.

That said, most hedgehog owners find that corncob bedding is the best for their pets, for a number of reasons.

First of all, cedar and pine shavings can start to take on a bad odor after only a few days in the cage. This type of bedding also holds moisture and get get moldy pretty easily. It’s also a bit scratchy, so most hedgehogs find it difficult to sleep on (there are exceptions, though, and you just might have the rare hedgehog who loves this type of bedding).

Newspaper shavings are also scratchy and uncomfortable, and provide no cushioning for your pet.

Corncob bedding is the bedding of choice for the majority of discerning hedgehogs for several reasons:

1. Your hedgehog can easily move corncob bedding around, which makes them happy, since they enjoy burrowing.

2. It conforms to their body shape, kind of like a beanbag chair.

3. It absorbs odors really well.

4. It’s absorbent and mold-resistant.

5. It is organic and safe to use, even if it happens to get into their food or water.

6. It’s non-toxic, so it won’t hurt your pet if it gets into his food or water dish.

You can also add a little bit of betonite clay cat litter to the bedding for extra odor absorption, if your pet’s cage gets particularly smelly. Make sure it’s real betonite clay, and not a synthetic substance, because anything else could be toxic to your hedgehog.

As mentioned below in the comments, fragments of corn cob have been known to get trapped in the sheaths of young male hedgehogs. This can cause infection and if untreated even death. It is something you will have to keep an eye on.

When you’ve got the right bedding for pet hedgehogs, you’ll have a well-cared for pet who’s healthy and happy. He’ll enjoy spending time in his cage more, and get more rest. As a result, he’ll be more energetic and playful when he comes out to spend time with you!

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  1. hi person who created this website! i havea question about the hedgehog care. do you really have to keep your tempature in the house over 70 degrees?!? thats kind of hard for me because i live in a place where it’s kinda warm a lot.

  2. It is better to be higher then 70 then lower. They are most worried about it getting too cold and them then hibernating. That can then kill them if they go into hibernation while being an indoor pet..

  3. how can it kill them if they go into hibernation? how often do you need to change the bedding in the hedgehog cage???

  4. You say that corn cob bedding is the better type of bedding for hedgehogs but when I looked it up on another website it said that it could get stuck in the males privates. Is that true?

  5. I want to know wat is the right temp for them?(in farenhite)

  6. I heard u need to clip their nails how would u do this?

  7. Courtney | 22/04/2010 at 11:40 pm |

    I’ve also read that about the corn cob bedding. So maybe not a good idea. I will be adopting a pet hedgehog in May and I’m thinking of using either Aspen chips or maybe a fleece-type blanket with a litter box, too.

  8. Your hedgy needs to have temperature above 75 degrees F. The reason why it’s bad for them to go into hibernation, because they are African pigmy hedgy. They need to have warm temperature at all times and day light for at least 12 hours. I live in the basement that was impossible for me. So I got a heating pad and put it under the cage where your hedgy sleeps, make sure it’s on the lowest temperature not to burn your hedgehog and make sure it’s only in one side of the cage. So if it’s going to get too hot, your hedgy can go to another side of the cage. For the light I just used fluorescent tube light, I put it right on top of the cage and after 12 hours of day light I turn it off for the night. Make sure it is day light and not too bright. Make sure the light bulb doesn’t heat up the whole cage. If you’re hedgy will not have warm temp. Or light for 12 hours it will hibernate and die in 72 hours.

  9. what are good toys for a 7 week ols hegie?

  10. I heard that cedar can kill them!

  11. I can verify corncob bedding can get stuck inside the males penis. I just started using corncob bedding two days ago, and when I picked up my boy tonight, I noticed something white by his penis. I put him in shallow water first to help loosen things up and applied a little pressure and a piece of corncob bedding popped out. Poor guy, switching back to pine for him.

  12. hi i found a hegehog and its in my garden i keep it in a box and it survived the night and i cant keep it 70 degreez because i kinda live in a hot place so itll probably die


  13. Marissa | 23/02/2012 at 8:26 am |

    Hibernation is only dangerous because their immune systems lower so significantly that they are extra-sensitive to their environment. As far as heating goes, I have a low temp. nocturnal reptile lamp which I use, and Miss Piggy seems content. The BEST BEDDING I have found is simple, cheap, and sustainable: fleece. Cut the fleece liners to fit the cage bottom (I like to put 2 or in, or fold one over in her sleeping corner for added insulation). You can wash them instead of throwing away bedding all the time. There are no wood oils, paper dust, or anything to get stuck to their privates. Miss Piggy loves to burrow under my bed covers when we snuggle, so for her to have soft bedding that smelled like my laundry did that felt the same to burrow under as my sheets, her bedding became a favorite toy too! Also, I tend to avoid any cat litter other than the paper pellets. They absorb fantastically, and because they aren’t very popular, are dirt cheap. ($5 for a bag that lasts me 9 months, changing every 4 days). Hope this helps!!!

  14. hi
    obviously, corncob bedding isn’t the best for male hedgehogs, but I’m wondering if there are any negative side effects for females?

  15. Hi,

    How about rice hulls?

  16. When first got my hedgehog I used corncob. It was great but there was problems with mold and mildew whenever it got wet. Also corncob is very rough and unpleasant(like little stones). I highly recommend in a simple fleece liner! Just got to your local fabric store or any fabric provider and get a few pieces of fleece the size (or a little bigger to cover the walls) of the cage. Its also really great because there isn’t any problems with allergy’s. Its very comfy for your little hedgie to sleep and play on. Also it makes the cage feel a little bigger! When its time to clean the cage you just simply take the fleece outside and shake off any feces or invest in a poop scoop and just scoop the feces off the fleece! Make sure afterwards you throw it in the washing machine to clean out any pee. But make sure you use a laundry detergent that doesn’t have a strong smell to it, that could cause an allergy issue. Lastly don’t ever use a towel o anything that has loops or little thing the hedgie could get their nails caught on! Oh and its really fun to get different patterns on the fleece!

  17. Nail cutting is tricky but for our little guy we let him have a running wheel with super fine sand paper taped every few inches so he files them himself! Maksure the paper is as soft as possible and put maybe 3-4 1in strips so it’s not too much and reduce the amount depending of the frequency of running! It works really well and he doesn’t seem to notice. For bedding shredded paper bags are great for him to nest but don’t absorb liquid or smell well so pair it with something else!

  18. Persephone | 26/11/2013 at 3:35 pm |

    Actually – with male hedgehogs, corncob can get stuck in their bits and it becomes VERY uncomfortable. My family raises and sells African Pygmy hedgehogs for a living, and we use Pet’s Pick Pine Bedding (shavings). We haven’t had a problem with this for over a decade and a half. I recommend this stuff over corn cob. Also, cedar is a poor substitute, and I definitely do not recommend it as it can hinder the hedgehog’s health. 🙂
    (Yes, I am aware people realize this, and have commented on it.)

  19. Darcy Gagnea-Olson | 27/01/2017 at 3:39 pm |

    We are adopting our first hedgie in about 2 weeks. Doing the research I have not been able to figure out what litter to use since my partner is allergic to pine. It’s a male so I need to take that into consideration as well. Any suggestions would be great thanks!

  20. Lillie Faith George | 25/12/2017 at 6:16 am |

    I didn’t get a hedgehog yet.I wanted to get one and go a dog thos happened 4 times.I also know no one cares but I still wanted to write this.My dogs names are Daryl,Abury,Elette,and Dean.All of there names are from a show but there names are all from differen shows,the only one with out a name from a show is Abury her mname is in German.

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