Hedgehogs as Pets

Hedgehogs as Pets

Most hedgehog owners will say that they bought their hedgies simply because they were adorable and also far too intriguing to resist. Despite the fact that they are increasingly more obtainable in pet shops, they are nonetheless still an uncommon pet. Also, they are highly unusual, having a fur covered face and underside and sharp quills on their backs. Living alongside a hedgehog is a chance to be in contact with a creature which has endured without the need of evolutionary changes for millions of years. They are fascinating to watch, nonaggressive, quite easy to look after, have no body odour of any relevance and produce hardly any noise. Compared with bigger exotic pets, a hedgehog can easily live a healthy life in a small apartment. However they need a patient, kind and calm owner.

Hedgehogs are principally pets for grown ups, teenagers or older kids with good animal skills. Hardly any people are allergic to hedgehogs, therefore they are a very good option for people that love animals but might suffer allergic reactions to pets like cats and dogs. Whilst they enjoy a regular play time, pet hedgehogs are able to adjust to owners that have irregular lifestyles. A prospective hedgehog owner has to be prepared to commit to looking after their pet for at least six years.

Because of their physical structure, hedgehogs aren’t appropriate pets for young children. Small children often have problems holding a lively hedgehog. Should the youngster squeeze the hedgehog in an effort to hold on to it, the hedgehog will probably extend its quills to defend itself and stick the child, or it may well also resort to a bite. When this occurs, children will probably drop the hedgehog, which can lead to injury to the animal and the development of anxiety when being handled.

Traits to take into account

Hedgehogs have particular character traits that must be understood prior to deciding to choose this pet to be a member of your household. The pet hedgehogs found in the United States are the descendants of hedgehogs brought in from Africa, including E. algirus and A. albiventris. Once in a while, an Egyptian long-eared hedgehog will make an appearance as a pet. Even though these hedgehogs have already been domestically bred for a number of generations, they haven’t yet been domesticated for enough time to shed their typical life-style.

13 Comments on "Hedgehogs as Pets"

  1. cameron | 19/09/2015 at 2:38 pm |

    were can i get one i have ben surching all over the web and cant seem to find one please help me find a pet store or a breeder to get one help

  2. I find them on craigslist regularly. I have purchased one yet but as soon as I finish my research into them it looks like I will.

  3. I recently got a pet hedgehog that i fell in love with but i cant seem to get him used to me & happy. hes so shy and scared all the time… HELP!

  4. QuietGeis | 03/11/2015 at 8:10 am |

    Answer to All Comments ^^^

    Cam- It mostly just depends on where you live, if you live in Maine, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Hawii, Californa, Or Arizona. You can’t get one, since its illegal in those states. I know in Maine you can get a permeate. Some states don’t have breeders, but some have rescues and other alternatives. But yes cregslist is a good option.

    Alexis- Sometimes that’s just how they are, I don’t think its you. I think that’s just how he is personality wise, but it takes time to build trust, so if you stick with it for the long haul, he might still be shy that’s just who he is, but he will get used to you.

  5. i want one sooo bad but i only have 82 dollors :-(((( and i have no way of getting more money( the cutest animal ever)!1

  6. RUSTY AHLES | 03/08/2016 at 6:53 pm |

    Are the little guys able to live out side. What would be some requirements I should look into if we were to make an aviary for them. We live in the high desert. 4100′ we could drop down to 20’s at night. can they survive this weather? New Mexico on the border of Arizona

  7. Annabelle An | 03/08/2016 at 11:22 pm |

    I need to tell my teacher why we should get a hedgehog as the class pet and this will help soooooooooooo much! :3

  8. Annabelle An | 03/08/2016 at 11:22 pm |

    I need to tell my teacher why we should get a hedgehog as the class pet and this will help soooooooooooo much! 🙂

  9. Annabelle An | 03/08/2016 at 11:43 pm |

    Whoops sorry I repeated

  10. QuietGeis – Hedgehogs are now legal to own in Arizona. I think it went into effect this past summer.

  11. I was watching a vet show where a 4tg grade class had one for their pet ,and the children love it I would love to have one !

  12. Is there different types like long haired or short haired just curious!!!

  13. I know I’m a little late but to answer Rusty’s question, no, Hedgehogs are extremely temperature sensitive and can over heat with temps over around 80 degrees f and can attempt hibernation in temps under around 72 degrees f. Attempting hibernation and overheating is lethal to a hedgehog! 99.99% of the time hedgehogs do not live through either of them. I suggest if your still interested in getting one find a quite area in your room or any room and getting a heating lamp (ONLY A HEAT BULB NO LIGHT BECAUSE THIS WILL DISRUPT SLEEP PATTERNS)with a thermostat to tell the temperature of the cage, (A HOUSE THERMOSTAT WILL NOT WORK! YOU NEED THE CORRECT PERSISE TEMP OF THE CAGE.)And a thing to tell the heat bulb to turn off when to a certain temp and to start at a certain temp. I hope this helped and remember DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

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