Eight Top Facts About Pet Hedgehogs

Here are the 8 top facts about pet hedgehogs you probably didn’t know. If you’ve got a pet hedgehog, knowing these facts will help the two of you get along swimmingly!

1. Hedgehogs have very poor eyesight, but enjoy razor sharp hearing and a powerful sense of smell.

2. They’re very territorial animals, so you shouldn’t put two together in a cage. The chances of them getting along are very small, and they’ll probably fight.

3. Hedgehog pets can’t digest bread and milk, so don’t feed them that! Hedgehogs prefer small insects, and also enjoy high quality canned cat food, scrambled eggs, and bran. They need lots of fresh water, too, so make sure you’ve always got plenty set out for yours.

4. Between December and April, wild hedgehogs will go through short periods of hibernation. If you allow your pet African Pygmy Hedgehog to hibernate it could be fatal. To stop your pet hibernating make sure that its cage is heated to between 72 and 75° F.

5. Hedgehogs have pointy spines on their backs and sides and will roll up into a ball if they sense they are in danger. Males can have up to 500 spines on their back, while females tend to have fewer spines.

6. A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet, and 4 to 5 hoglets are common per mother.

7. In the wild, hedgehogs can travel 1 – 2 miles looking for food. They prefer to live near a food source, and areas with lots of dead leaves are very appealing for them, as they can burrow into the leaf mounds for shelter.

8. Pestecides of all kinds are harmful to these creatures, so keep your hedgehog pets away from any plants that have been sprayed with these kinds of chemicals.

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2 Responses to "Eight Top Facts About Pet Hedgehogs"

  1. Sarah says:

    Recenly my friends got a Hedgehog, i am over there alot and now that i know alot about them, i am wanting one. Ive done alot of research but 4 things i cant quite seem to find is 1. Male or female? I would prefur a male but my friends told me to get a female, since they are nicer. But according to everything ive read, thats not true unless they werent given enouph attention with the breeder. My other question was about hibernating. Is is bad for there health if they start to to often? If they are cold on their underbelly and shaking, and moving less does it mean they have started? or is ity just a beginning stage? As far as the cage what is best? My friend has a aquarim tank about 2 1/2 ft. by 1 ft. and is about 1 1/2 ft. high the breeder said it was perfect. I have a similar tank that is only about a ft. high. Are either big enouph? Anything better? Lastly, Her hedgehog, never runs on its wheel. is that normal?
    Sorry im asking all this but i want to be well educated before i bring one home. I am 14 and have pretty much soaked up ALOT about them all ready, i cant wait to bring one home.

    Also thanks for your awesome articles!!! they helped alot!!!

  2. Paige says:

    Hedgies sex have nothing to do with their sociability, however the fact of the matter is stuff can get caught in a males sheath, resulting in infections. As far as hibernation, try to keep the hedgehog warm! My hedgie stays near the heating vent and I made her a small little snuggly sack with polar fleece to keep her warm. (: My hedgie is in an 11 dollar plastic tub I bought at Walmart, it’s probably 2 ft long, 1 foot wide. So your tank should be fine, just be careful it doesn’t hold in too much moisture.. That’s the only issue with tanks. And some hedgehogs need some coaxing, my hedgie loves the wheel however in the beginning she wouldn’t. I just set her on the wheel and rocked it.

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